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My 1979 TI-99/4 System


My TI-99/4 System

Well, here it is. My personal TI-99/4 system setup in my room. It's there and 100% functional. I have been doing some type-in programs from a magazine recently on it just for old times sake and been saving them to cassette using the handy tape recorder pictured to the right of the monitor. Anyway, this setup is made up of everything made in 1979, the year the TI-99/4 came out. Therefore, if you had a few thousand 1979 dollars to burn back then, this is what you could have gotten under your Christmas tree! Listed below are the things pictured here, which of course are not all of the items that I have in my collection (which can be found here):
  • Users' Reference Guide (Version 1, with July 1979 Print Date)
  • TI-99/4 13" Color Monitor with August 1979 Manufacture Date
  • TI-99/4 Home Computer Console dated LTA 4879 (made on the 48th week of 1979)
  • Pair of TI-99/4 Joysticks (okay, these are dated LTA 2980, so they are made in 1980 and not 1979. Still looking for ones made in 1979! *Hint*)
  • Panasonic RQ-2309 Tape Recorder from 1978
Personally, I think the original TI-99/4 setup pictured here looks better/cooler than the TI-99/4A that came out later in 1981. However, that's just my personal opinion!

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