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Listed below are all the peripherals and accessories that were available for the TI-99/4 in 1979. Note that these are all items that were manufactured in 1979 and not 1980/1981 (the two other years of production for the TI-99/4). Even though some of the materials here might look the same as their 1980/1981 counterparts (such as the 13" Color Monitor), they all carry 1979 print/manufacture dates and/or 1979 copyrights. Many times TI would make corrections/updates to their items and in turn update the copyright which helps make it easier to tell if something was really made in 1979.

Click here to see a table of the 1979 manufactured items that I have in my collection along with their production dates

1979 13" Color Monitor Box

Need a picture of this item
I am not so sure on this one, so you can mark this entry as temporary until I find out for certain. All I know is that the TI-99/4 13" Monitor would have came in a cardboard box of some kind, and I am assuming that it would have looked something like the TI-99/4 Console box except with a drawing of a monitor. Keep in mind that this box could very well be just a plain cardboard box with only a stamp of some sort indicating that it is for the monitor. Considering that the monitor came bundled with the 99/4 system, I can only assume it did come in a more collectable picture box like that of the 99/4. If you can shed any light on what the original monitor box looked like, shoot me an e-mail. If it does turn out to be simply a plain cardboard box, then it would not be very collectable and in turn this entry would be removed.

1979 13" Color Monitor

1979 13" Color Monitor This is the original Zenith-made monitor that came packaged with the 99/4 in 1979. This monitor only had a limited run, as it was replaced in January 1981 with a smaller 10" monitor made by Panasonic. Therefore, this version of the monitor is pretty rare as it had an even smaller life span than the TI-99/4 console. One other thing to note here is that the monitor only came bundled with 99/4 systems sold in 1979 and the first few months of 1980, before TI got a waiver from the FCC for their RF Modulator. Each monitor came with a production sticker on the back, showing the month and year of production (such as "August 1979"). This monitor carries product number PHA 4000.

1979 13" Color Monitor Manual

1979 Monitor Manual This is another one of those elusive TI-99/4 manuals which you never seem to see. Actually, you never seem to run across a Color Monitor manual for even the TI-99/4A! So this must be a pretty rare item. This manual looks different from the 99/4A color monitor manual, which sports a picture of the unit on the front cover with a slightly different design (but it does retain the blue/white color scheme). The inside pages of the 1979 manual show diagrams for the Control Panel of the 99/4-branded Zenith Monitor, which is clearly not the 99/4A-branded Panasonic monitor. The manual pictured here carries part number 1037165-1, which means that it is the first version of the manual released.

1979 13" Color Monitor Cable

1979 TI-99/4 Monitor Cable
With so many 3rd party and homemade monitor cables out there for the TI-99/4 and TI-99/4A, it's going to be hard to identify the original cable that was sold with the 13" Color Monitor in 1979 unless it's in the original packing envelope from TI. All I know about this official cable which carries part number PHA 2010 is that it is 5 feet in length and should have that microphone-like plug for the Audio connector (as TI's monitors did not use the traditional connector for the audio port, which does help make it somewhat identifiable). In addition, there is a drawing of the 1979 TI-99/4 monitor cable inside the Read This First! manual (pictured on the left) which gives some clues on what to look for. This cable would have came packaged inside of the 13" Color Monitor box. 

1979 Joysticks Box

Need a picture of this item
Unlike the TI-99/4A joysticks which came packaged in either a plain brown cardboard box or a fully illustrated one with nicely drawn images, the 1979 box looks kind of similar to that of the 99/4 console packaging. Not too much to talk about here, except that this box is pretty rare and I've only seen one once in the wild. The box itself carries a 1979 copyright.

1979 Joysticks

1979 Joysticks
The original TI-99/4 joysticks sold back in 1979 were different than the ones released for the 99/4A, despite carrying the same product number of PHP 1100. Overall the size of these controllers was smaller than the familiar ones released later and had the fire buttons located on the sides. The lever of the joysticks also had a small ball on the top, apparently to make it more comfortable to hold. These sticks came two to a set just like their 99/4A counterparts. As with all TI hardware devices there is a manufacture date located on the bottom, so If you have a pair of joysticks with an LTA date that ends with 79 then the controllers were made in 1979.

1979 Joysticks Manual

1979 Joysticks Manual
The manual for the 1979 TI-99/4 joysticks not only looks the same as the later TI-99/4A version, but also carries the same copyright date of 1979. The question you are probably wondering is how one can tell if the manual they have is for the 99/4 or the 99/4A sticks. Well, as far as I can determine there are only two ways. The first, and easiest, is to look at the part number on the back cover. If it ends with a "-1" then it is the manual for the 99/4 joysticks, if it ends with "-2" then it is for the 99/4A. The second way of telling is by looking at the illustration of the joysticks inside of the manual. If the illustrations in the manual look like the 99/4 joysticks above, then you have the original version. However, if they look different (have the fire buttons on the top instead of the side) then they are for the 99/4A. The part number for this manual is 1039061-1, and carries a 1979 copyright date.

1979 Dual Cassette Cable

1979 Cassette Cable
Back in 1979 this right here was your only option to save/record data on the 99/4. TI did not release their disk drive system until 1980, making people have to buy this cable and a 3rd party tape recorder instead (TI did not manufacture a recorder themselves until 1982). The first cassette cables released in 1979 were made to hook up to 2 tape recorders, even though you could use it with just one. The dual cassette cable came packaged in a plain brown envelope which stated the part numbers of both the cassette cable and packet (yes, the packet had its own product number believe it or not!). I decided not to give the retail packet its own separate entry since it is more generic than the boxes TI sold their other items in. This 1979 dual cassette cable carries part number PHA 2000 and the original packet carries part number 1037196-1.

1979 Dual Cassette Cable Manual

1979 Dual Cassette Cable Manual This is the manual that came packaged with the dual cassette cable. It was included inside the cassette cable's retail packet just to provide the user with some simple steps on getting a tape recorder connected to the TI-99/4. The instructions come on a small single-sheet slip and carry part number 1037175-1 along with a 1979 copyright.

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