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1979 TI-99/4 Cassettes

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Listed below are all the cassette tapes that were available for the TI-99/4 in 1979. As far as I can determine, Image Computer Products was the only company to produce programs on cassettes during the first year, not even TI released anything on tape until 1980! These programs could be bought by mailing in an order form that was sent out to various TI-99/4 owners in December 1979. As of 2007 none of these tapes have been seen in the wild. They were probably produced, but considering the slow sales of the 99/4 they probably did not sell more than a few 100 copies each (if even that). If anyone out there has any Image Computer Products cassette tapes for the 99/4, e-mail me since they are needed to complete the 1979 TI-99/4 setup project!

All the Images below were taken from a December 1979 Image Computer Products brochure. I would like to thank to Bill Gaskill for allowing me to use this brochure, which can be found on his excellent TI-99 Cartridge Collection Kit CD.

Click here to see a table of the 1979 manufactured items that I have in my collection along with their production dates

1979 Mind Master

1979 Mind Master Cassette
This classic strategy game takes on a new dimension as the computer designs the hidden problems and reports the results of each guess. Multiple players may compete against the computer and each player may select the level of difficulty that matches their skill, ability, and patience. This program also contains a formula for solving logic problems. Create the answer and watch the computer use deductive logic to discover the secret code. This cassette carries part number 9405 and a 1979 copyright.

1979 Skill Builder I

1979 Skill Builder I Cassette
Skill Builder I contains two games, Bingo Duel and Number Hunt. Bingo Dual: This fast-action skill game for one or two players provides an exciting challenge, because young children and adults can compete equally. The computer adjusts to match your skill and problems are specifically selected to help you gain speed. Number Hunt: Matching numbers is easy enough for young children, yet this computer game quickly advances in difficulty to challenge the experts. This cassette carries part number 9406 and a 1979 copyright.

1979 Strategy Pack I

1979 Strategy Pack I Cassette
Strategy Pack I consists of two games, Roman Checkers and Frame Up. Roman Checkers: This ancient game has been a favorite for hundreds of years. It couldn't be easier to play, yet playing the game well takes skill, cunning, and strategy as you try to out-think your opponent. Frame-Up: Try to out-manuver your opponent or play against the computer in this game of wits and calculated strategy. You will alternate selecting numbers and controlling your opponents choices. This cassette carries part number 9404 and a 1979 copyright.

1979 Tournament Brick Bat

1979 Tournament Brick Bat Cassette
This fast-action skill game may be played against the computer or with a friend. Choose competition mode and challenge another player. Or select the cooperative mode and work as a team while the computer acts as your opponent. Whether you select solo play, competition, or cooperation, the computer keeps score and increases the challenge as your skill improves. This cassette carries part number 9401 and a 1979 copyright.

1979 Wall Street Challenge

1979 Wall Street Challenge Cassette
This computer simulation of the stock exchange is easy to play and always challenging. Invest in several corporations ranging from Municipal Power and Light, a blue chip stock that usually provides steady growth, to Offshore Industries Limited, a high-flying speculative stock that is certain to change often. Stock charts, and the Dow Jones show you the trends. Both 8K and 16K memory versions are included. This cassette carries part number 9402 and a 1979 copyright.

1979 Wildcatting

1979 Wildcatting Cassette
This computer program simulates a hidden oil deposit which you will try to find. Select a location on the map that looks promising. The geological survey will show the probability of striking oil below that spot and also estimate the cost per meter to drill. Just like the professional wildcatters, try to strike oil early for maximum profits. The computer creates a different oil deposit each game and shows the view as you drill. This cassette carries part number 9403 and a 1979 copyright.

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